Author Topic: Expired Velveeta Cheese = YUCK!!  (Read 4544 times)

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Expired Velveeta Cheese = YUCK!!
« on: September 17, 2010, 09:33:19 PM »
Tried to find that old post with all the expired foods people were taste testing and couldn't find it.

A trip down memory lane and a lesson learned.

I remember the day I bought them.  Publix had them BOGO so I paid for three large boxes and got three free.  They were literally some of the very first items I bought for our "storage".  We had just bought our first shelving unit and I happily placed them on the shelf.  This was before I understood the meaning of Store What You Eat, Eat What You Store and was in Panic Mode as my eyes had just been opened to the full reality of what was happening.  As time went on we made adjustments and did some remodelling and storage renovations.  They ended up in one of our pantries, all six boxes.  A few months ago I opened one and tried to use it up in various recipes hoping to eventually use the rest.  We just couldn't do it.  It was so rich and thick, we just couldn't stomach it for any length of time.  So, the opened box ended up in the trash and the others sat in the pantry.  I finally pulled them out of the pantry last week and was going to give four boxes to a new neighbor.  Single mom with a few kids.  But before I did that I wanted to check and see if the fifth box was still good.  Tonight I opened "our" box and was going to top our burgers with a few slices.  Not a chance in Hell!

The expiration dates were December, 2009.  They are just shy of being a year out.  OK, so maybe I pushed it a bit but while we continue to eat the occassional canned good that is outside its expiration date, Velveeta Cheese just doesn't cut it.  It had "gray" spots/veins along the wrapper seams and had an "off" smell.  If you don't eat Velveeta and can't rotate it properly, don't rely on it as a storage prep.  I've just thrown about $20.00 worth of food preps in the trash.

Here's a pic that was taken tonight under our dismal kitchen lighting...***I adjusted the contrast to better show the "gray" areas, even though they aren't appearing gray in the photos.  Trust me, it's quite gross looking.

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Re: Expired Velveeta Cheese = YUCK!!
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2010, 09:53:14 PM »
It would probably make great catfish bait...

And the rule to live by with food of any type is "If in doubt throw it out."

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Re: Expired Velveeta Cheese = YUCK!!
« Reply #2 on: September 18, 2010, 12:03:46 AM »
Well, I kind of feel that way about IN date Velveeta cheese. :p

Good to know though.

It's tough to do the store what you eat, eat what you store, when what you eat doesn't always store well. We're working on that transition, trying to add in a few "different" dinners every week to few days.

I know what you mean about panic buying though. We did some of that originally too. I still catch myself thinking about it once in a while. When there's a good deal on something that will probably store well, but you would probably never eat it, it's still hard to pass it up. The Velveeta is a good lesson on that.


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