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After Action Review / Re: Two day hike in the Ocala National Forest
« Last post by catfishn on Today at 02:19:25 PM »
You are welcome.
General Discussion / Re: Nice way to start a Monday
« Last post by Floridaclipper on Today at 07:57:22 AM »
That's a good reason to smile. :)
General Discussion / How people behave when facing situations
« Last post by Floridaclipper on Today at 07:55:50 AM »
I was thankful for sun today. We've had a lot of rain. So much rain that we are no longer in drought conditions but it recently caused 2 sinkholes and flash flooding. In this situation an elderly couple was in their car when the sinkhole opened in front of them. The reactions are concerning. The ability of those present to quickly assess and react...fail. One breaks out a cell phone and walks along the freshly collapsed edge with a broken gas line in it. The occupants of the car took their time getting out of the car. Fortunately they got out just before the ground collapsed further and their car fell into the hole. The plaza across the street had flash floods. Water was up to the seats in cars with people in them. How people respond to threat cues is a wide spectrum to their advantage or detriment. Fortunately in these cases no one was injured.

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General Discussion / Nice way to start a Monday
« Last post by cook on Today at 05:31:28 AM »
Work 6 days a week.Sunday is yard work,shopping,and laundry...didn't get the laundry put away,so grabbed an old pair of pants this morning.

Found a small wad of cash in the front pocket,can't remember from what,but it put a smile on my face. ;D

That is all,carry on.. O0
After Action Review / Re: Two day hike in the Ocala National Forest
« Last post by Floridaclipper on June 25, 2017, 11:17:15 PM »
Thanks for sharing the adventure.
General Discussion / Re: Whats your a/c set at?
« Last post by Floridaclipper on June 25, 2017, 11:14:59 PM »
Yesterday and today 91 degrees. I was preparing to sleep outside. I Just put in a new capacitor so things should cool down soon.
After Action Review / Re: getting in a fight
« Last post by Florida Cracker on June 25, 2017, 04:26:14 PM »
Lived enough, been in enough, I've found the Bobby Bare song "the winner" to be absolute truth.
After Action Review / Re: getting in a fight
« Last post by aferalhamster on June 25, 2017, 02:30:36 PM »
I've been fortunate enough in life that I'm bigger than the average person.  Most people think real hard after I stand up whether they really want to go through with it.  I've only been in 2 fights my whole life and they lasted about 30 seconds each.  I'm by no means a violent person and I do my best to avoid fisticuffs.  The biggest reason is that I don't want to get hurt myself.  Sure I might win or smash whoever real good but I could also bust up my hands, arms, not even mentioning what the damage might be if I lost.  I've got too much to do to have to deal with a broken hand because someones face was harder than expected.
After Action Review / Re: Chainsaw safety lesson... the hard way.
« Last post by - D on June 25, 2017, 01:06:21 PM »
One time years ago I got a job with a tree trimming company. I was a groundsman, and I climbed some and eventually used a bucket a little. First day on the job I was given chainsaw chaps, and saw and told to work along a fence. I barley used a chainsaw before, I worked there for a while but I get this itch of warning every time I'm around one. But I was a rookie who had to learn quick. I am glad I worked there I learned a lot in short order. Only incident I had was a tree hook slipped and hit my left foot. I was bleeding but finished my climb. And I was tied in but slid 10 feet. Oh the good old days.
After Action Review / Re: Two day hike in the Ocala National Forest
« Last post by SwampYankee85 on June 25, 2017, 12:41:44 AM »
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